SaaS products are fast becoming an ever-present part of our daily lives. We know by now what SaaS is, so we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite SaaS products – both on a personal, entertainment basis and for business use.

Seven of our favourite SaaS products

B2C SaaS products we love

It’s quite common to not realise you’re actually using a SaaS product, even if you’re doing so frequently. Here are three of our favourite business to consumer SaaS products: 


“Unlimited films, TV programmes and more.” 

Netflix is exactly that. Chances are, you’re either a Netflix subscriber or a subscriber to another video streaming SaaS product. With a streaming catalogue of 1326 shows and 4339 movies, (US statistics correct at time of publication) Netflix is giant. 

With an easy-to-use and intuitive platform, it’s no surprise that over 203 million users subscribe to Netflix. 

Netflix’s £5.99-£13.99 monthly plans are worth the investment if you love to binge-watch.

Amazon Prime 

Next up, Amazon Prime. The paid subscription service provides users with access to features unavailable to your standard Amazon user.

The benefits include free next day delivery, Amazon original and blockbuster movies, TV series, live events, music and more. 

There are over 200 million members in Amazon’s membership program worldwide.

The £7.99 subscription after the free trial is a good bet in our opinion.


“Listening is everything”

Offering both a free and paid model, Spotify is another B2C SaaS product that has replaced the way we consume music. 

The free version obviously comes with a handful of limitations, all lifted when you purchase the Spotify Premium account such as; no ads, unlimited song skips, high-quality audio, downloads for offline listening and more.

At £9.99 a month and cancel any time, it’s one the Angle team can’t be without!

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B2B SaaS products we love

For us, productivity and usability are immensely important – especially so when it comes to business tools. 


“Slack makes it downright pleasant to work together”

Business communication has been drastically improved over the last few years, with plenty of SaaS products to choose from. Slack’s offering is great.

With instant-messaging (DM or in groups), editable document sharing, team meetings, private channels and more, it’s easy to stay up-to-date. 


“Marketing smarts for big ideas”

There isn’t much Mailchimp can’t do when it comes to marketing your business. Named one of the best global software companies of 2021 by G2, Mailchimp offers users several subscription options, which are easily scalable.

With business support, templates, inspiration and more, it’s easy to see why both independent and global businesses use Mailchimp.


“Where teams get work done”

Miro is a great SaaS product for collaborating as a team. With whiteboard templates or free-to-design spaces, it’s an ideal platform to start, develop and execute a project.

The platform has over 15 million users, with a variety of subscriptions, including a free plan. 


“Everything you need for work, all in one place”

Storage and sharing across multiple devices made easy? Look no further than Dropbox. Files are accessible on any linked device as soon as they are added to Dropbox storage.

This makes it a seamless task to start a project on any device and to pick it up or collaborate wherever you need. In the business world of today password protection is key too, so Dropbox provides peace of mind.

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