Imagery Is The New Content

Written by Angle Studios 26th September 2018

As a website design agency, we’ve put quite a lot of thought into what will improve the performance of your website. Yes, it does vary from website to website because the target audience is different but there is always one thing that remains important no matter what, good imagery.


We now live in a world of digital and visual content, with the rise of mobile phones and social media almost all content we consume is digital and it’s consumed at an extremely fast rate. People have grown accustomed to scrolling through social media at high speed and so due to that have also grown accustomed to consuming content extremely quickly, this means no one really has time to read every last word on a page.


The human brain has been hard-wired to respond better to images than text with 90% of information transmitted to the brain being visual. So it’s no wonder we prefer imagery really, it’s really just part of what makes us human.


But let’s have a look at some proper reasons why images are so important in website design.



Bring Your Service To Life

A website without images would be like going to an art gallery but all the paintings are just replaced with text describing the paint and strokes used, you get the idea but it’s not really the same is it? Describing your service or your product is good to help the person understand the product but showing a high-quality image of the product or to support the service will allow the consumer to see what you have to offer them. The consumer is also far more likely to respond to imagery as it is immediately more engaging and is more likely to stick in their mind.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuring that your website is optimised in order to increase the ranking of your website on search engines. There is a huge number of things that can affect your websites SEO such as content and design but images can also have an effect. If you use generic stock images throughout your entire website then the likelihood is that hundreds of other websites are using the same imagery which search engines will pick up on this. On top of this, using bad imagery will also cause the user to have a poor experience on your website which search engines can also pick up on and punish you for, likewise, no images at all will be an even worse experience so I’m sure you can guess the outcome of that! So basically, ensure you have original and high-quality imagery to ensure good SEO!



Imagery is Convenient and Fast

Okay, so that doesn’t really make sense but bear with me on this one. Did you know that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are images? There must be a reason for this and there is. People prefer images over text because it’s far quicker to take in information if it’s there, simple and in one place, than if it’s going to take the time to read that same information. People are becoming more and more lazy, and everything is becoming faster and faster and actually reading text is just time and effort. I’m not saying let’s abolish writing content altogether and never write a sentence ever again (that would be hypocritical since I’m here writing a blog!) but when you are writing content whether that be for your website or social media think could I use an image here to support or even completely replace what I’m writing because people will pay more attention!

So there are three main reasons why you need to be using imagery on your website but that’s only really scratching the surface. Imagery is as important as content and that is only going to become more prominent as we move forward through the digital.