In this video, you can watch as Ryan talks you through how to complete the Vision Intro™ template.


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Why you should have a Vision Intro™

Having an intro helps to convey your idea to those interested to hear more.  Today, people are busy and you will lose their interest and attention if your explanation takes longer than 20 seconds and even worse if you stumble for words and ways to explain it.

By having a well-thought-through intro you will ooze confidence when talking about your idea which will help you win over who you are talking to.

This is an important first step for the stages to come as it’s setting foundations and will form part of the larger Vision Plan™.

What will be covered:

  • The equation used to create your perfect intro
  • The approach. and a live example using the Vision Intro™ template


After completing the Vision Intro™ Course you will be able to confidently convey your idea, who it’s for, what it does and why it helps within 20 seconds.