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Do you have a SaaS app idea but when it comes to explaining what it does and who it’s for, you struggle?

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You start off well but actually as you talk before you know it you’ve taken 20 minutes to explain your app and actually the person you are talking to is none the wiser to:

• Who your app will help
• What your app will do
• How it offers value

If you download this template you will be able to nail your intro by conveying key points and keeping it within 20 seconds!

Why good intros are important
Have you ever listened to anyone else’s intro and thought “I have no idea what it’s about” – Well, yours will be just the seem.

By not mastering your intro you will not come across as well as you could have and your poor new, exciting idea will be let down by you. People will disengage and an opportunity could be lost!


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