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Having worked with Brachers, an award-winning law firm, to create their new website, we learnt a thing or two about what makes an effective law firm website. We may not know too much about law but we do know about websites and we know how we can make an effective one based on the requirements of the clients. A law firm website presents the image and brand to the world. It leaves a lasting first impression on everyone who visits it and should encourage them to use your services.


Shouldn’t it be as fresh and professional as you are when you meet clients in person?

We’ve identified a few features that we think are most important to have on your law firm’s website…

1. Showcase Your Team

Did you know 56% of visitors to a law firm’s website will visit the profiles of your team? It is important to prospective clients that they know exactly what they will be getting so make sure you include qualifications and education as this is what matters. It is, of course, important you make sure that they like you as a person so they can see themselves working with you, try adding something personal like a quote for example.


2. Mobile-Friendly

It is thought that 60% of all Google searches carried out on a day-to-day basis are on mobile devices and this number is likely only to increase with time. With this level of web traffic coming from mobile devices it’s surprising that not everyone has a mobile responsive website yet. A mobile responsive website automatically changes to fit the device you’re reading it on making it an easier and more enjoyable experience for the user, this, in turn, makes it more likely for a mobile user to want to stay on the website which is likely to increase conversions.


3. Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are the easiest way to build trust and credibility in your company and so much of a law firm’s success depends on good credibility and referrals. Potential clients will want to know that you are trustworthy and are going to provide a valuable service before they start pulling out their credit card. Make sure that positive client testimonials are as obvious as possible on your website so people can immediately start building a positive image of your service.


4. Be Clear On Your Services and Multiple Call-To-Actions

The aim of your website is to increase the number of people making contact with you and in turn becoming clients. It is important you make it as easy as possible for these people to make contact with you. Make sure all your contact information (i.e. telephone number, email etc.) are as obvious as possible to be constantly reminding people they can easily get in touch.

As well as this you can also place call-to-action buttons in obvious places around the website which will then lead the user to a contact form. Encouraging users to make contact with you is an easy way of quickly building an attorney-client relationship.