Project Brief

AGILIS Mobile is an independent mobile network that was established exclusively for business users by providing high quality mobile connectivity and great customer service. Starting out with a simple brochure site, AGILIS came to Angle to create a new website with clear-cut user experience and clean design to showcase the features and service they provide.

Creating a user-centric experience

Through extensive research into other leading UK telecommunications websites, we became familiar with what the target market may be accustomed to seeing.

With providing a strong user-experience in mind, we designed a small navigation structure. The main navigation bar was kept simple by only containing the crucial pages AGILIS would like users to visit such as the plans they offer and the features they offer.

We also designed a floating navigation bar to follow the user down the page. The floating navigation contains the key CTAs the user would ideally use, such as “Get a Quote”.

Designing for the user

We wanted to provide a clean user interface in order to ensure that CTAs were much clearer. By making CTAs more obvious it creates a more apparent journey for the user to take.

Ensuring that the design did not become flat due to the simplicity of the interface meant adding animation and movements. By adding interactive objects that move when the mouse hovers over it can add more excitement and interest to a page.

Ensuring that the design did not become flat due to the simplicity of the interface meant adding animation and movements.

Building for responsiveness

During the build stage of this project, ensuring that all elements worked effectively was the main challenge. With interactive movements and general transition effects throughout the website, it was the build was robust and all elements could work effectively.

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