Making a mark to the digital side of road marking specialists.

Project Brief

In almost 30 years of operations, Hi-Way Services has grown into one of the UK’s leading road marking companies. Working with everyone from major organisations to local schools and businesses. Hi-way approached Angle Studios with a vision to refresh and modernise their website in order to reflect the quality they provide in road marking services.

Hi-Way to hell html.

Hi-Way Services approached us with an extremely important mission. “Deliver us a kick-ass new website and e-commerce platform that showcases the quality of our work and makes us stand out from the rest”. To which we replied, “Sure, let’s get this show on the road.” Kick-ass prefixes our job titles.

Bringing user experience to the forefront

The client had many pain points that revolved around the usability of the old site and how difficult it was to navigate to relevant pages. We resolved this issue by creating a visual hierarchy and by building a navigation structure that works (from past successes).

High Visibility Yellow


Day Road Grey


Night Road Grey


Creative exploration for a precise industry

Designing an experience that flows well, looks fresh and shouts WE MARK ROADS is tougher than it seems. We put our collective knowledge to the test and managed to get much of the design phase signed off well before the due date. Happy clients, happy Angle.

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