The Invicta Group

Project Brief

The Invicta Group is a world-renowned specialist contractor, with operations and projects completed around the globe. Invicta came to Angle to modernise and rebuild their existing division websites into aesthetic, user-friendly and on brand sub-sites. One group site was also to be built in order to pull together all the divisional sub-sites.

Generating new ideas

Our initial research saw us looking at a range of businesses that offer different services under one main brand, this included industry-specific companies as well as other large companies. This enabled us to see what concepts worked well for them to provide inspiration for The Invicta Group.

Designing a website to generate leads and sales

The Group website was designed first and provided the inspiration for the division websites in order to provide consistency. The design was focused on useful resources and impressive case studies in order to build confidence in potential clients.

Creating a dynamic website

We built The Invicta Group websites in ExpressionEngine, multi-site CMS. This means that an admin can log in to the main dashboard and switch to the site they want to manage. This also allowed certain elements of information to be pulled through to the Group website, such as case studies.

168 installation engineers

2000+ clients served worldwide

6 divisions

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