Lydden Hill

Project Brief

Lydden Hill is a one mile, mixed surface, motor racing venue offering an array of Motorsport action on two, three and four wheels. Lydden Hill Race Circuit appointed Angle to design and build a new up-to-date website with an integrated ticket purchasing system to enable customers to purchase tickets from any device.

The starting line.

Given the diverse range of events Lydden Hill carryout throughout the year, we needed to ensure a seamless journey for the user on their newly updated website. With the use of bold imagery and bright call to actions throughout we have designed the website to encourage users to buy tickets the many events Lydden Hill has to offer.


An intuitive structure for the user.

Our initial research had us looking at the websites of competitors and those that the target market are likely to be using in order to create some ideas of how we want the website to look and feel.

Racing Blue


Gearbox Grey


Petrol Black


Eye-catching design.

Lydden Hill wanted to move away from the colours on their old site to create something new and eye-catching. We opted to go for blue in order to catch the users eye.

As well as the colours, Lydden Hill also wanted the navigation bar to resemble the rumble strip around the track to create something different.

The finishing line

The final stage meant working with a third party ticketing system to make it as easy as possible for customers to purchase tickets any place, any where and from any device.

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