Top Villas Admin Panel

Project Brief

Top Villas is one of the world’s leading luxury villa rental specialists with over 2,500 villas in over 50 destinations across the United States, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. Top Villas came to Angle to create an admin panel that would vastly simplify the way villas and bookings were both handled and added.

A simplified administration process.

A successful listing and booking website relies on the data that is inputted. Our challenge was to design an admin panel for the staff at Top Villas to use that would simplify the process of adding new villas, managing bookings and creating new deals.

It’s all in the research.

Admin panels are very niche to the brand using them, for Top Villas it was very much about simplifying a process which was previously over complicated to create a more pleasant experience for the staff and increase output.

This saw us researching many different data entry websites and admin panels to decide what we would like to use and what we wouldn’t. This helped us build a picture of how we feel the user experience of the Top Villas admin panel should be.


A stress-free experience.

Inputting data on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day can become a tiresome task for those undertaking it.

By breaking up the data input into shorter steps with a progress bar it gives the person carrying out the task a sense of accomplishment through small wins. It also makes the process feel quicker as you can see yourself getting closer to the end.

Designing for the user.

As this admin panel is solely for internal use we didn’t want to overcomplicate the design. We went for a spacious and flat style to bring an added layer of simplicity.

Designed to achieve results.

The new admin panel is set to decrease the time staff spend on data entry by over 60% which, in turn, saves the company an extreme amount of money. It is also set to make the process a lot easier and stress-free for the staff managing it.

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