Supplier Terms

Supplier/Contractor Terms & Conditions:

Angle Studios Ltd. – Hereinafter referred to as “Angle”

Suppliers/Contractors – Hereinafter referred to as “Suppliers”


Angle has introduced Suppliers into their way of working for a number of reasons, the way in which we ask them to work should be unified and provide a hassle-free and turn-key solution for the outsourcing of development and like-minded work.


Terms & Conditions:

We are hopeful that we can work well together by both parties mutually agreeing to the terms, these terms will stand alongside any contract the supplier has with Angle, unless the contract states otherwise. The suppliers are in agreement and bound by these terms as soon as they engage in their commitment and service with Angle.

The terms of service are outlined clearly below:

  • Communication is an important aspect of our working relationship, we expect that our Suppliers are happy to use Slack (our communication tool) which is to be used for work-related communication only and is there for the benefit of productivity.
  • A turn-key solution is paramount, we have been let down by previous developers with the testing and robust performance of their work, Angle will not tolerate any incomplete or untested work, the Supplier is responsible for the competency of the work they deliver and will repair any necessary defects at no further cost to Angle, if it is mutually agreed that the scope has not been changed and the delivery of materials is not the original technical brief/specification.
  • Angle operate on a fixed cost basis, we provide our Suppliers with the opportunities to accompany us to Discovery meetings, with pre-agreed expenses paid for, as well as inviting them to add any necessary contingency to tasks which are too ambiguous to them. As Angle offers this, we expect our supplier quotes to be final – the cost from the Supplier is not tangible and so long as the scope has not changed, it is expected that the Supplier delivers on the work sub-contracted to them whether they have met their predicted target or not.


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