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Why should I do this?

Adding a message banner will help users be reassured you have measures in place and how they can get in touch.

Why should I update my site?

Google loves it when you regularly update certain content on your site. It's a factor in deciding your position in the search rankings.

Why should I do this?

You’ve done the hard bit by persuading users to your website - make it easy for them to find what they are looking for.

What does this involve?

Does your content get shared online, does it generate discussion or interest? Knowing this will assist you in creating similar experiences

Why is speed important?

Users are impatient and don’t like waiting around. Also, search engines prefer quick websites and will reward you for being so

Why should I know this?

Knowing your bounce rate will help you make changes in the correct areas of your site.

What difference does this make?

This is purely attention to detail and it will improve the look of your website and your user’s perception of your brand.

Why do this?

You want to make it easy for your users to see the journey you would like them to take, this way it improves your chances of getting that sale!


Today, it is paramount your website can be easily viewed on mobile and desktop screens to offer the ultimate experience. Or risk losing them.

Why make it easy?

If your visitors like what they see, they'll want to get to your number quickly - make it easy!

What’s live chat?

This will give them more ways of getting in touch with you, especially if you are working remotely.

Why start taking payment online?

If your business can switch to selling services or products online, it’s worth making the leap - you won’t look back!

Why do one?

If you like it or not, Covid-19 is going to be around for a little while, so you need to work out how you can attract business.

What's the criteria?

Only check this if you can say a confident 'YES!'. If you can't, then there's a deeper issue with brand portrayal.

How prepared are you?

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    Our experience

    Angle Brand & Web Agency has first-hand experience of living through a down-turn or two during its 16 years of business.

    Angle has learned you have to be prepared, agile and constantly evolving to stay ahead of competition and be there when prospects are ready to place work.

    We look forward to seeing your scores!

    Ryan Grist

    MD - Angle Studios

    Personable, friendly and innovative would be three words we'd use to describe Ryan & his team!

    Miles & Barr

    We have been working with Angle Studios for the last 18 months; on third party websites and also our own. What can we say? Four words... they are totally amazing!

    Niki Morgan, KMS

    I am the Marketing & PR Manager for Walker Construction. We have been working with Angle Studios to overhaul all 5 our divisional websites and I can honestly say that it has been an absolute pleasure. We had varying requirements to suit each of our divisions, the team have gone above and beyond in their professionalism and creativity in all aspects of design and maintenance from start to finish.

    Charlotte Watts, Walker Construction