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We like to think we are different to others when it comes to our approach to web and SaaS product development.

It’s in all in the planning.

Once you’ve considered and followed the user experience stages need for your new website to be a great website, app or SaaS product you then need to carefully plan the next stages. It’s all too easy to race ahead and get carried away chasing your vision and deadline. But…

You need a development plan.

This is when our Tech Lead will meet or talk with you to decide on your requirements along with your project manager. This will depend on what is needed now and for the future.

The full tech specification will be drawn up and cover both front-end and back-end development stages.

Within the specification we outline from what everything does to the fields required for any forms and many other details to ensure the project is plain sailing.

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Our development processes

Once the plan is agreed and specification documents are completed we can move on to the development phases.

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Front-end Development

Back-end Development



Like most agencies we work in sprints (in most cases) to reach the milestones agreed and set. These will be laid out in our development project plan.


Why Angle development is different

We boast we are different because we don’t pigeonhole our development expertise and potentially push clients down a particular route because of the resource in-house. As an agency we opted to make this change as wanted to focus on a UX-led development process where the client and the user decide on the coding stack and thus not being limited to and not being dictated by the developer skill sets in-house.

Aside from our own in-house team we openly work with many development teams that specialise in an array of coding stacks so we can accommodate our clients. The development teams we work with are carefully vetted and tend to be long-term friends and contacts within development industry.


We work in the following frameworks:



Using version control to ensure your code is never lost at any stage of the project.

Why we chose to take this route?

It was a simple choice for Angle. We wanted to change the way we worked. We want to be completely user-lead. A truly UX-led agency. We then match the development team to the project – not the other way round like most agencies!

We are not going to give away all of our secrets online as we’ve spent years on refining, so please drop us a line on 01304 897330 to talk about your project in more detail and we can share more…

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How we know it works….

Our client reviews speak for themselves. With many Google Reviews, here are just a few to share with you, just to give you confidence we know our stuff!

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