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Maintenance for your website that upholds security and performance.

Important Website Maintenance

Leaving your website to ‘exist’ is a very worrying thing for many businesses, without the proper care and attention that a website needs, it can pose a huge risk to your data and security, not to mention massively decrease performance and efficiency over time.

We have run audits across all the websites we’ve made over the last 5 years and the average amount of WordPress versions that the sites are outdated by – amasses to over 40!

Keep Security Standards High

Keep Your Site Well-Optimised

Keep Your Client's Data Private

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Benefits to a Maintenance Package:

  1. Lifetime Warranty!
    If you host with Angle Studios and also sign up for one of our Maintenance packages, we will provide you with a lifetime warranty, so that if your website breaks or becomes damaged beyond repair, we’ll either restore your website to the signed-off project–specification, or, if the website cannot be restored, re-build a website to an equivalent standard and level of service.
  2. Website Uptime Monitoring
    If you are already a hosting client, then you will already benefit from this offering, but if you don’t host with Angle, we can still monitor your website for you by adding it to our database, we’ll be notified of any ‘down-times’ and can inform you on if you need to contact your hosting provider to keep your site available.
  3. WordPress CMS Updates
    Updating your version of WordPress is crucial to the smooth running and security of your website. We found that our clients, on average, are 40 versions out of date! 😱 We’ll be sure to do this for you as part of our monthly routine.
  4. Administration Duties
    From time to time, websites require other forms of maintenance, whether a PHP upgrade, SSL renewal, Database Cleaning or the optimising of coding languages – we will make sure we get on top of these when required.
  5. Investigation on Reported Bugs
    Angle is always on-hand to help, but sometimes things take a lot of time to diagnose in order to really identify and then fix the problem. When you’re on a support retainer, rest assured that on all certified bugs, whatever the investigation time is, you won’t have anything else to pay!
  6. Bug Fixing
    We don’t just stop at investigation, with a maintenance package we’ll always carry out the work required for no additional excess fee! – That’s right. Your website will always be in tip-top condition.
  7. Priority Response
    We have a priority response to all tickets that come into the support desk, if you’re a retainer client, you will receive a guaranteed response within 7 business hours.
  8. Liaising with 3rd Parties
    Liaising with your suppliers on issues you don’t really understand or know about it time-consuming and frustrating. Being on our maintenance retainer means that you’re no longer the middle person in the conversation, we’ll liaise directly with them until the issue is rectified!

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