While you may understand your business, product or service far better than anyone and know your clients just as well, you probably lack the experience to be able to create an experience they truly enjoy, keep coming back to and ultimately buy from.

By hiring a professional UX designer they will have that experience. With their experience, they will be able to get to know your target audience, understand their requirements, and design experiences specifically for them.

On Hand Support

It isn’t uncommon for business professionals to see that their website is underperforming but they simply can’t work out why.

As an extension to your existing team, a UX professional can provide as much input and support as you wish. If you want them to create a one-off website design to save money then that is possible. If you wanted a more regular update then a UX designer can be on hand to provide feedback and suggested amends when you simply cannot see what is going wrong.

Fresh Eyes

Have you ever been trying to do a puzzle for ages but you just can’t see how it’ll fit then someone else swans in and goes “well clearly that piece goes there..”? Maybe your website is doing the same? Often people spend so long looking at a website they simply become blind to the issue.

By hiring a UX designer in to take a look, not only will they have experience creating solutions to common pitfalls and problems but they will also be able to see it from a completely different angle (pardon the pun to you). They make one and look and immediately see that of course, your form isn’t converting because the button is the same colour as your primary colour.


UX design is far more than making something look pretty. UX design is about getting into the psyche of the user and understanding what excites them and inspires them to purchase or sign up.

An experienced UX designer will already have the knowledge of certain techniques to use that’ll ensure the user has the most intuitive and simple experience.

Value for Money

Time is money. While on paper a UX designer may seem like a large investment when you consider the time they will save you in the long run


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