Mission Planning Workshop™

Book an intensely focused workshop with SaaS experts to help take your idea to the next level.

Are you feeling there is no concrete plan going forward with no team to move forward with?

If so, Angle’s Mission Planning Workshop™ is designed to give faltering SaaS start-ups a vital shot in the arm. With long-standing experience in the SaaS market, we’ll start by asking you the right questions with a structured agenda to provoke inspiration, strategy, and constructive discussion as part of our plan for revitalising your entrepreneurial ambition.

What you’ll walk away with

A set of clear objectives, a plan for how to secure them, and a range of technical documents outlining the strategy developed by our engineering consultants. This is designed to be implemented by whoever you might collaborate with to develop your business.

Your first step should be a Discovery Planning Workshop to get your ducks in a row and form a plan. 

Discovery workshops are paramount to really understand your objectives. We’ll guide you to actionable solutions alongside scope-mapping requirements and structuring deadlines.

These workshops are vital for future-proofing your concept. They’ll play an important role in building a working relationship to create a bespoke outcome for your business through a frank and personable process.

To do a job properly you need to fully understand the project and the people behind it.

A workshop will shape the project moving forward. No stone will be left unturned and the outcome will allow a clear path forward, consolidating the good work stuck in an otherwise fragmented project mired by confusion over scope, unclear objectives, and looming deadlines.

Want to talk about the Workshops and how they can help your SaaS? Hatch a plan to move you forward

Now, let’s make things happen.

When it comes to taking action, there are two kinds of people:

Those who procrastinate to the point where their project doesn’t move forward because they can’t make a decision, or they’re too worried about the unknowns.

or you’re a person that…

let’s their heart rule their head and convince themselves that their idea is The Next Big Thing – so they go in all gun-ho designing and developing an idea… only to find out that their product has no users, isn’t validated, and has cost you a heap of time and money with little to show for it.

If you recognise a part of yourself in either of these descriptions…

Book a Mission Planning Workshop™. We’ll help you.

Here’s why a Mission Planning Workshop™ will be valuable to your SaaS…

What’s covered in the workshop?

The Angle team will lead the workshop. Ahead of the workshop we’ll send you the agenda for the day. In a standard workshop we cover:

  1. Introductions
  2. Idea/current situation
  3. Outcomes
  4. Personas
  5. Validation
  6. Market fit
  7. Competition
  8. Tech / MVP

How should I feel after the workshop

You’ll feel excited! You’ve had a chance to offload all your ideas to a group of SaaS professionals who will advise you, taking your ideas and thoughts further. From the workshop discussions, new ideas will have been fleshed-out and tested against our own professional experience – you will not be disappointed.

Will it be useful?

Yes! The workshop is entirely about your project. From the workshop, you will inevitably have an action plan to work with and a tech plan to use as your blueprint for your SaaS roadmap.

How much does a Mission Planning Workshop™ cost?

Typically a workshop is either half or a full day – a maximum of two days. The cost is also dependant on how many Angle staff attend. As a minimum, a Strategist and Tech Lead would be present and the cost for half a day for two staff is £630.00+vat. You will receive the recorded meeting and the action plan as part of the cost. As an optional addition, you can bolt on a tech plan, but this is quoted upon request as cost varies depending on the size or next step requirements.

Is the Workshop free?

No, as we are investing a lot of time we do not carry out free workshops. However, if your SaaS excites us and we see potential we can bend the rules and offer a slightly different package.

How do I know you can help me?

Firstly, we’ve been in your shoes. We are SaaS founders ourselves – and our experience is a foundation for delivering field-tested, actionable solutions to your business. If you put the extra effort in to prepare for it too, you won’t look back and will result in a solid plan to move forward with.

Let’s discuss your idea over an initial free call…

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