Brand synergy is basically… Everything!

Over the years I have worked with 100’s of businesses and the one point that always comes to the forefront is the lack of synergy between a business’s marketing collateral. This being your branding, website, brochures, event signage, workwear, email signature, staff, attitude and work ethic.

Some consider this not important, however, dismiss at your peril.

I mean, think of it this way–why wouldn’t you want your marketing to be working together instead of fighting itself?

If you ever question if you need synergy in your business, just remind yourself why multi-billion enterprises give so much attention to it–because it works.

If you follow these six easy steps you will be on your way to helping your business by engaging and encouraging potential clients to choose you.


6 tips for brand synergy

Keep your brand ‘on-brand’

Make sure your brand is ‘on-brand’ through all mediums. I’m talking about more than just your logo and website. Consider other areas like your brochures, email signature, workwear, event signage. All these contribute to your overall brand presence and everyone reviewing you will form their opinion too. Let it be a good one!


Know your audience

Many businesses don’t do their homework. In this day and age, there are plenty of systems available to businesses to help them to pinpoint their audience. Without carrying out research, it is like finding a needle in a haystack, but even if you know what your client is looking for, it’s doing it well that will not jeopardise copyright and other complications. Imagine if you hit the sweet spot – how much more worthwhile it would be!


Ensure your website is engaging and sells what you do WELL

You need to look at your website as your shop window and sales representative. Visitors to your website will soon form an opinion whether they want to do business with you or not. This normally happens in under 10 seconds, so your website needs to look good, be engaging, keep your messaging on brand and SELL you!


Ensure your website is mobile-friendly

If your website is still not responsive, not only does Google rank you poorly for mobile searches, you will certainly find it tough to impress users on a mobile–and disappointing users is surely not a part of your brand-message.

As mobile users are purchasing at an insane rate, you are sure to be left behind.


Keep news fresh

I am sure you have visited sites with out-of-date news, instantly thought that the business is not current, and this has left you unimpressed. If you are trying to persuade users to choose you, your potential clients would like to be working with a business that is up to the mark. If you are unable to keep news updated, remove it or remove the dates. However, Google again likes fresh content, and adding news regularly will help your organic search rankings.


Consider your offline marketing

Don’t forget the good-old-fashioned brochures. To the right audiences, these can work extremely well and not to be forgotten about. But please, if you design a leaflet or brochure please consider the look and feel, and ensure it reflects your brand and other styles used in other mediums. Users like brand consistency and are confused easily if it’s not.


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