In this new era of technology and internet, most businesses rely very heavily upon or even entirely on their website to generate new business. But what do you do when your website isn’t gaining the results you were hoping for?

Don’t start pulling at your purse strings just yet. We have put together a few simple tricks for you that could just save you a few pounds and, hopefully, will even improve the performance of your website.


Minimalistic design is in and white space is king. In the new digital age, we are being constantly bombarded with information on the internet shouting space. People crave simplicity and peace to allow their brains time to relax and enjoy the experience. Allow your website to be a stress-free environment, by leaving plenty of white space on your website this will stop the site becoming overwhelming for the user and even produce an enjoyable experience.


By keeping the design of your website simple and minimalistic it also places more emphasis and impact on the more important elements of a page. If you have an important piece of information or a CTA you want people to use, don’t surround it by clutter as it’ll get lost. Instead, allow plenty of white space to surround to make it really stand out.


The user experience of a website can be instantly improved by keeping the design consistent throughout, this includes colour schemes, font sizes, typography and icons. A consistent theme throughout the website will give the user an instant view of your business and a positive first impression.

Using a bright colour throughout your website that contrasts well with the typical black and white will create a classy and modern design while providing clear UX. In terms of typography and font sizes, using a modern font throughout the website using consistent sizes for titles, headings and main body text will produce an aesthetically pleasing feel to the website.

Refresh Meta Description

More often than not people forget about the meta description and leave it unchanged for years and years. The meta description is the small intro text that appears on a google search result listing, the recommended length of the text is 160 characters. Your meta description should give an exciting and compelling intro to your business. In only 160 characters you must have caught the attention of a user and make them want to visit your site.

However, not only is a meta description important to gain the attention it is also extremely important for SEO. Google uses the meta description of a page to rank it so be sure to use keywords whether you can but don’t go overboard.

Fresh Content

Content on a website is potentially more important than the design of it. People visiting your site will be there for one reason, to gain some sort of information and that information will be found within the content of a site. Your website should be kept up to date and fresh with new content that will attract the reader, compel them to take action and inspire them to return. Not only will content benefit the users but regularly updated content will also improve your Google ranking which, in turn, will attract users.

One of the best ways to keep content fresh is by regularly posting to your websites blog section. This will create a hub of content that users can regularly return to gain more knowledge about your industry, company, projects or service.


I cannot emphasise enough how important the use of imagery on your website is. Imagery can be one of the most powerful tools in web design to grab attention and provoke action. While content is crucial, a lot of the time people will only skim read it and not necessarily process cognitively what is being said, a picture, however, really does speak a thousand words.

By using powerful and relevant throughout the website you will be able to present your service, personality and views. Make sure that you keep your photos regularly updated in order to stay relevant.


We hope that you find these quick tips useful to improve the performance of your website. Regular updates to even the smallest elements of your website can have a huge impact on your website and it’s results and should never be forgotten.

If, however, these tips don’t work for you and your website really does need a complete overhaul and redesign then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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