The success of a SaaS startup can be widely influenced by the tech team behind the project. In recent years the technological landscape has undergone monumental change and the cloud-based shift has impacted the way tech teams operate. 

In such a competitive space, selecting both the right and a good tech team will make a huge difference from start to launch of a SaaS product

This guide will provide you with an insight into a good tech team and an overview of what you should be looking for, so that you make the right choice on the agency you’re trusting with your SaaS product.

Who’s part of a tech team?

Taking a quick look over who’s part of a tech team will help to provide a background into the people involved and their responsibilities. 

  • Project Manager – your point of contact for your project, the person who oversees everything going on.
  • Tech Lead – the member of the team who will help draw up your requirements both short and long term.
  • Designers; UX – those who know exactly what needs to happen to make the product work for the end users.
  • Developers; full stack, front/back-end – those who make it happen behind the scenes, they build your product.
  • Testers – those who make sure the product is ready to go out to the end users.

Top level project management 

The strength of a top level project manager is integral to the performance of a tech team. There’s no two ways about it, a tech team needs to be both adaptable and agile – and if this influence isn’t transmitted from the top it can lead to a weakened performance.

A good tech team will not only have your back, but also your best interests in mind. 

Understanding your vision

A SaaS founder’s vision needs to be understood regardless of what stage they are at on their journey. In the instance of a startup, the overall journey being mapped out and followed through a clear structure will create the synergy between team and client. 

Equally, applying a process for a further advanced project, while being versatile, will ensure the short and long term vision of a product can be met. 

Things to consider:

  • Communication
  • Adaptation
  • Future requirements

A passionate team will be excited about the SaaS project they’re a part of. While team members like designers and developers will have their own unique processes and ideas, it’s important they understand your vision and deliver on what your users want and need.

Driving the strategy

It’s easy to come up short in driving a SaaS product and that’s not actually a problem. Whether due to time constraints or a lack of tech knowledge, the strategy behind the project needs to be set out in the right direction and then driven thoroughly.

Here’s where a good tech team takes a product to the next level and a bad tech team falls short of the mark. 


There will be no passing the buck from a good tech team and, as with any project, learning along the way is important. It should go beyond being a job, so that the team stays focused on the project at hand and finds the best possible means of being successful.

A good tech team will want to be accountable for the final outcome, not only meeting the client’s expectations, but over delivering on them.

Continued development

Rather than working with a tech team who are looking to push through a project and see it finished, the right tech team will help a SaaS product to continually develop. 

In the initial phase, the best practise of a good tech team will be to put together all of the ideal features and requirements in no particular order.

Then it’s down to selecting the right requirements for the MVP – which comes from user feedback. The non-essential features are part of the continued development, which will come at a later stage. 

Here, the basic premise is to get a market-fit product launched, so that the SaaS product is out there and can start returning. A good tech team will help save time and money in the development, instead of depleting all of their client’s finances by over-developing.

Success for the long term

Whether or not the client is looking for help post SaaS launch is completely up to them, but a good tech team will be able to offer the right support and a continued strategy to take the product from strength to strength. 

Delivering on a development roadmap, something you as a founder can see your vision being met, your users can get excited about what’s coming next and more importantly you can plan how your SaaS is going to evolve from now into the future. This helps with budgeting, business planning, investors and sign ups!

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