Many businesses and marketers have for long been writing about hints, tricks and tips, all intended to entice readers and potential clients. But does this actually work? It does – if you do it right of course. For those content publishers that do not seem to care about how they come across nor how much they try and sell to you, they will soon be heard less and forgotten about.


Appropriate Content

The ideal, effective and appropriate content to post to your followers is that of a social, engaging and educational type, 80%+ social to be more accurate. Yes! That’s right! Stop with all your this week only deals nonsense, and wake up to what people want to hear and read…


A Blog’s Purpose

The main, conventional, purpose of a blog is to maintain a healthy relationship between both the client and your company, as well as providing beneficial content to other potential prospects and followers.


Keeping it Alive

Keeping an interesting blog section alive is a very tough balance between not being over eager and not forgetting to post. However, getting the balance right can cause a significant spike in your websites traffic (or where ever the blog is hosted) when you post. In addition to this spike in traffic, over time, if you’re persistent with your blog, you will build a following and these people will regularly come back looking for more content.


Get the opinions that matter!

Don’t be afraid to ask people what they want, they are human and have an opinion too!

They won’t bite your hand off for kindly asking them at the end of the blog to leave you a message telling you about what they enjoy reading on your thread, and if they do ‘bite your hand off’ they’re probably not the kind of people you want on your social media anyway.


Three things to remember

Learn – what your followers and prospects want to hear…

Write – about it in an engaging, non-hard-selling and informative way. (A message and voice that people want to come back to).

Publish – Get that hard work out there for people to enjoy and talk about!