Ryan, the managing director of Angle Studios, headed over to Channel 2 Radio to join Paul Andrews, a Kent based businessman and former ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, and Jules Serkin, a previous PR consultant and marketer to feature on their radio show, “Business Bunker”.



Business Bunker is now into its ninth year of broadcasting and is going from strength to strength. The show is becoming a highly respected and regarded local source of knowledge for entrepreneurs of all sizes. This fast-paced weekly radio show also focuses equally on those individuals and partners who are just starting out and seeking sound and valuable business advice.



Each week they feature guests from all businesses and commerce who talk about their area of expertise and how they themselves started out. Ryan was invited to share his story of how he created Angle Studios, how it grew to where it is now and the lastest venture Angle has taken into the affordable website market with Angle Affordable.


If you missed the show live then listen to it here!

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