Brachers LLP

Project Brief

Brachers is an award-winning law firm, providing valuable legal support to individuals and companies. Angle were asked to work with Brachers in order to redesign the old website in order to help improve user experience.

No better place to start than a heat map.

Heat mapping tools allowed us to see where users were clicking, scrolling and leaving the old website to create a picture of where the most frustration and confusion was.

Getting the design right.

Once we had an idea of what people were looking for on the website it was time to start redesigning it. This involved creating a new simple navigation bar and making sure the home page gave clear call to actions to the most important pages.

The final build

The best part of any project for both us and the client is seeing the final product being built, this is where you see it all coming to life. The build includes adding colour and specific design concepts.

The end result of the build is a redesigned and easy to navigate website containing content in a wide range of services and knowledge items.

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