Project Brief

Deals4Supps is an ambitious young business that wants to make accessing deals for fitness supplements simpler and easier. From branding through to the website that will be the basis of this business, Angle was asked to work with Deals4Supps on every aspect of bringing this idea to life.

Bringing a dream to life

Starting out as just a dream in the founder’s head, Deals4Supps knew there was a way to simplify the process of finding the best deals for fitness supplements and make them more accessible to everyone. The dream was to create an innovative new website that allowed easy browsing and purchasing of the best supplement deals.

A user-centric experience

The success of any e-commerce website can be put almost entirely down to designing an exciting and engaging user experience. Our challenge was to create an immersive experience for the user without overcomplicating it.


Simple features, powerful results

With deals being updated and changed so often and new brands being introduced, keeping users up-to-date was essential. By giving the users the option to sign-up they are able to set their favourite deals and brands creating quick and easy deal searches in the future.

Building for the future

Deals4Supps was built onto the Craft platform, a system with a huge capacity for scalability. With big plans of expansion in the future, building Deals4Supps in a system which would allow for growth was crucial. The content management system also allows the team at Deals4Supps to manage the vast array of deals, retailer and members in the simplest manner.

The future is bright

Deals4Supps is an innovative and creative brand looking to fill a huge gap in the sports supplement and nutrition market by providing deals across a range of retailers in a one-stop shop. With huge plans for future expansion, Deals4Supps is set to cause disruption in this market.

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