Project Brief

Scrummi is a business with a key aim, “to liberate the planet from laundry” – their biodegradable products serve salons, spas, hairdressers and more. Scrummi appointed Angle to design, build and deploy a new e-commerce store using Shopify – to enhance their business and enable it to grow alongside their continued expansion.

More than just a towel.

Scrummi serves both a UK and EU marketplace, previously conducting their business operations with multiple websites. Angle needed to bring everything into one place, to create both synergy for their brand and a centralised hub to control the business. Using bold colours and imagery from Scrummi’s brand guidelines, we have designed an e-commerce store which encourages their users to easily find their products, regardless of where in Europe they’re shopping from.

In addition, the project deployment allows Scrummi to review their business performance for both of their marketplaces through their Shopify hub, which previously required them to dip in and out of their multiple websites.


A deep dive and statistical review.

Carrying out a UX audit helped us to determine how the existing Scummi store was performing and where updates could be made.

By using website heatmaps we were able to analyse a wide-set of data from visitors to the store.


Key points reviewed from heatmaps: 

  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Sale prevention

Key points reviewed from a Google Analytics audit:

  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Most & least popular pages
  • Search terms
  • Multiple screen sizes
  • Browser type


Coupled with the aims set out by the client, this data-driven review allowed us to see both what the store was lacking from an internal and customer perspective.

Scrummi Pink


Scrummi Teal


Scrummi Neutral Black


Design that meets brand guidelines.

Throughout the project lifecycle we worked closely with the client to ensure their website accurately reflected their brand guidelines and any adaptations that arose.

Key colours were selected from their highlighted palettes, along with their renowned waffle – a mechanism which is a core foundation of their brand.

In addition to colours, Scrummi also wanted to implement their selected typography to ensure their brand remained both accurate and fluid, on and offline.




A key feature of the Scrummi project was to deploy the integrations required. Throughout the build we worked closely with the client to ensure the best possible options were available – whether for seamless content translations, their chosen review platforms, analytics and specific exclusions or email marketing.

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